Web Design Tips For Beginners

If you will search online and browse through popular websites, you will find out that there is not one rule about what clicks and what will make people click through such sites. This just proves that if you are in search of web design tips, you must bear in mind that the audience that can be found online is as diverse as the presentation of the websites.

For beginners, you have two options as to where you want to take web design tips that you have garnered. You can either take it simple and nice or you can go all out, shocking and make it clear to everybody that you have arrived.

Here are some of the pointers that you must think about when you are pondering about the web design tips that you have gained through research.

1. Whose attention are you trying to hook? The answer depends on the kind of website that you want to create. If it is for business purposes, what are the products that you are going to sell and so, who are going to be interested to avail them? If the site is filled with information, you must

Learn Simple Yet Stunning Web Design

Sometimes being a value web design can be a hard task to accomplish, you need creativity and uniqueness to succeed in the line of work. I learned that to make your web design stand out from the crowd you need to sometimes keep it simple and use other features to bring out your design alive. Here are some few tips to make a simple web design look stunning!

Think as a visitor.

  • Use appropriate images on your site. Sometimes an image may look good but does it flow with the “theme” of the design. Most important keep all images 10-15Kb. The smaller the file size the faster your site will load and this will help keep your visitors on your site longer. No one like to wait for a page to load.
  • Provide a lot of white spaces between big blocks of content. This also relates back to the visitor, I can’t stand a web site that has a huge block of content. White spaces help breaks up the content which makes it easier for the visitors to read and get the main point out of your site.
  • Stick with a standard layout of 3-columns, there is a